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Sustainable practices that will save you thousands!

Wake up feeling better & energized 

Prevent Sciatica and back pain with the use of simple stretches
Flexor Fix stops back pain at its root by focusing on an often forgoten muscle group. By joining current research and elementary level stretches you too can unlock your own full potentaial. 

Your hip flexor is your key to unlocking imobility!
Chronic Pain Should Not Be An Every Day Feeling
The inability to get out of chronic pain is not your fault.

Did you know that all movement and balance is linked to your hip flexor?

In fact, the vast majority of people HAVE NO CLUE how this muscle group affects their health...

No matter how active you are, or how old you are, weakness in this area affects everyone (YES, EVEN ME)!

"Why hasn’t my doctor ever recommended this information to me before?"

Diagnosing bad hip flexors is no small task...

The hip flexor muscles are extremely deep in your core, making it close to impossible to get to the root of the issue. 

It’s a much longer process to find that root problem.

And they don't make any money if they teach you the natural way to solve for this...
...have actually been making our back pain worse. 

Why would your doctor or physician take the time to diagnose you properly when they can offer you a simpler explanation that is widely accepted and much more lucrative for them???

Now that you’re enlightened with this knowledge, you can begin working on fixing the core issue. 

Don’t think it’s too late! 
But what can we do? In our modern daily lives, there’s no way we can avoid the 
technological advances that have been sabotaging our bodies.
Don’t worry, your body is magnificently designed to be self-repairing - even after years of strain.
With my help, more than 80,000 people all over have taken their mobility back using simple stretches.....

…even without making major changes to their daily live.
Like Priscilla...
“I am recently divorced, something that I never thought would happen to me. Especially because I had two beautiful children to take care of on my own. After about a year, I started going back to the gym, and went on a diet to try and look and feel better.

No matter what I tried, body wraps, special supplements, diet pills - nothing works! I just seemed tired all of the time.
Then I see Drew on Facebook, and he tells me that the problem is with the way I stretch out my hips. I bought his program and he is the best ever!

I took it all to heart and now my workouts and diet are making me skinny again! Thank you Drew!”

- Priscilla M. 47 Years Old  
... And Earl                 
“I retired a few years ago from the Import/Export business. I don’t know if it was the years I spent pushing pencils at a desk or not, but shortly after that last day at work I found myself pretty run down. 

I watched Drew’s program on TV one day and thought that he was somebody that cared about his job as much as I did. So I looked him up.

I came across his hip flexor program and thought that the was the answer to my problem. So I picked it up and followed through. 

I was right, not only did my energy level increase, so did my golf game. Thanks Drew, for making an old man feel young again.”

- Earl J. 52 Years Old

And Jack...
“Drew was my personal trainer. It’s great to see a guy like him make such  success for himself. He was a great trainer- one time he literally blew my phone up for 30 minutes just to make sure I made it to the gym. To this day, I hear from him once or twice a year just to see how things are going.

Anyhow, back in the day Drew taught me about the hip flexors and how they affect every other part of my fitness. To this day,  I stretch out my hip flexors based on Drew’s advice. 
Take it from me, the guy knows what he’s talking about.”

- Jack R. 24 Years Old
Hi, I'm Drew...
I know for myself how much pain a tight hipflexor can cause and how much it can hinder your daily life.

Most people know me as that crazy personal trainer who learned a serious lesson in empothy through puropsly gaining massive ammounts of weight. This allowed me to connect and understand what my customers were going through as we lost the weight together.

While going thorugh my own transfermation i found out first hand the debilitating pain that tight hip flexors can cause. With the reduction of mobility I futher understood how hard it became to work out and having a decresase in energy really affected your day to day life.

Untill I finally found these simple stretchese I was really stuck and made little forward progress in my weight loss journey. 
Now, I am proof by fixing a simple problem you can transform your body from average all the way to peak perfection. This is not something that everyone is looking for.

Over the past ten years I have worked with thousands of in-person clients around the country and now tens of thousands of people all over the world have used my program to finally get the relief they’ve been longing for…

And discover the powerful secret that our bodies are made to thrive at any age. 
No Matter Young or Old. Flexible or Not.
My Program is Easy To Follow!
What Can You Expect To Experiance
Less Muscle Pain and Fatigue
Experience every day life again without the troubling pain and aches slowing you down. Learn how to restore you hip-flexor so you can continue living the life that you remember before the pain.
Save Time and Money
Think of the money and time you would save by not going to the doctor and taking the prescriptions that are only meant to treat the symptoms. All of this program came be completed in the comfort of your own home.
Weight Loss
If you think about it your hips, they are in the middle of your body linking your top and lower half. When you feel pain you tend to stop doing physical activity until you're fully recovered. Now with flexor fix you are able to easily relive that pain while doing simple effective exercises at the same time. By restoring your hip-flexors you are improving all areas of your body not just where the pain is. 
Stress Relief
It has been proven that stress has a very negative effect on your body. It can cause increased weight gain and can cause extra pain in areas that are already inflamed.  Using these gently stretches at home you can easily work the stress out of your tight muscles so that you can perform at a peak level.
Why Don't Other Programs Work?
  •  Cost a lot of money
  •  Take a long time to see results
  •  Only treat the surface symptoms
  •  Require a specialized doctor to see results
  •  Not long lasting.
The Flexor Fix
  •  Tackle the problem at its source.
  •  Requires very little time!
  •  A one time payment that is cheaper than a trip to most doctors.
  •  Your results are in your hands.
  •  This is a solution for the long term and with continued use you can ensure that the problems no longer arise.
What Benefits Can You Expect:
Fast, Simple and Successful
Most common methods of treatment require youto waste time each on processess that are not designed to give you results. Do you have extra time in your day to waste? Flexor Fix is designed to be able to be worked into you busy day to day life while still having highly effective results. The truth of the matter is that you can complete most of the moves any where any time durring you day.
How 10 Simple Stretches Can Erase Pain
Thousands of poeple are learning how to erase common every day pain and discomfort that they feel using simple stretches that you can do anywere thus removing the need for expensive injectsions and theropy.
Would You Like A FLATTER Stomcah With Ease
why waste house at the gym doing exercises that could ultimately cause you additional pain. By following the program you can improve all around core strength thus allowing you to see that flat stomach and abs you have always wanted, and as an added bonus this will help to prevent future injuries.
How a Weak Psoas Muscel Can Result In More Than Just Pain.
Flexor fix is designed to help you relax your Psoas Muscle because it has been linked to no only strength and stability but also to your emotions. After spending all day at work sitting you may often times find it difficult to come home and let go o the stress. Using Flexor Fix you will be able to loosen this critical muscle  that travels through the spine and allow for better transmission of signals to the brain.
Why Would You Want To Be Pain Free?
 Freedom To Move
 Stress Reduction
 Ability To Have A Good Nights Sleep
 Restore The Life You Used To Have
 Be Able To Sit For Long Periods of Time Without Discomfort
 Spend Time With Your Family Again.
 Loose Weight
 Increase Long Term Energy
 Better Mood
 Stop Taking Dangerous Prescription Meds and Avoid Surgery
 Less Trips In To See The Specialist
 Save Money and Time While Healing At Home 
What Will You Receive?
Everything for a life free of pain associated with tight hip-flexors.
Easy to follow along program that show you exactly what stretches to do to stretch your hip flexor.

Through the program you learn the importance of your hip-flexor and every day life, as well as the agonizing pain and suffering that they can put you through.

Enjoy the immediate feeling you get when you start to open up your hips and the benefits that it can bring. These short easy to follow stretches will have you feeling and seeing results in no time.

Not Only will you feel the short term effects but you will also prevent recurring pains.
Claim your copy of Flexor Fix today.

But remember…

If you do noth feel the healing powers of fixing your hip-flexor, I will give you your money back!.... NO QUESTIONS ASKED

When I created this program I had only one goal in mind…

I wanted YOU to feel the amazing resluts that I experianced years ago all while saving your hard earned money!
Money Back Guarantee
It will definitely take some dedication, but if you stick with it, I am so confident that you will see the results you are looking for - just like so many others before you - that I'm willing to let you try out the program for the full 60 days risk-FREE! If you aren't completely satisfied with how far you've come, contact me by email within 60 days and I will refund you 100%!
Order Flexor Fix today and tap into your body’s hidden source of energy and strength to feel free every day!
Get it ALL!  Everything You Need To Be Pain Free And Stronger Today!
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