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  •    Chronic Hip Pain and Stiffness 
  •    Optimal Physical Performance 
  •    Stubborn Belly Fat 
  •    Strength/Performance in the Gym 
  •    Back Pain
  •    Shortness of Breath 

"Hip flexors play a crucial role in our physiology. They control our movement and balance. In fact, nearly every aspect of moving from one place to another is affected by these muscles!"
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Drew here, and I understand that: 

You might have BACK PAIN that constantly plagues you... 

You might have chronic JOINT PAIN that you're living with...

You might have issues with STUBBORN BELLY FAT...

You could even be lacking in your SEXUAL PERFORMANCE...

Can you guess why?
If you guessed it was because of a tiny set of muscles buried deep in your pelvic region, then you're right!

But the vast majority of people HAVE NO CLUE how this muscle group affects their health...

This one area (if left untrained) can EVEN AFFECT YOUR EMOTIONAL CONDITION!!!

No matter how active you are, or how old you are, weakness in this area affects everyone (YES, EVEN ME)!

The real secret is that your hips are the KEY to a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

When your hip flexors become too tight, they can cause unwanted issues that can cause problems even for individuals who already consider themselves active and fit.

Before I get deeper into how to strengthen your hip flexors, and ultimately, strengthen your lifestyle, let me introduce myself...
My Name is Drew Manning
I'm the founder of, New York Times Best Selling Author of Fit2Fat2Fit, Certified Fitness Trainer, and creator of The FlexorFix Program!

Throughout this letter I will be revealing just how important this problem is to your health, what you can do to resolve the issue, and the program you can follow to ensure strong hip flexors!
You Won’t Believe What I Discovered About Hip Flexors!
I’ve dedicated years of my life to discovering how to optimize an individual’s body.

From all of my research and studies, I’ve found that the hips are the focal point of your body’s freedom of movement because of how they link both your upper and lower body.


Your hip flexors play THE MOST CRITICAL role in empowering your movements.

Sounds important, right?

That’s what I was thinking, at least!

It might sound crazy, but these muscles can even CONTROL YOUR BREATHING!

Making sure these muscles work properly is imperative...

Think of it like this…

A strong psoas muscle (this is a fancy word for your hip flexor muscle that I can barely pronounce LOL) will make you more mobile and give you stronger core muscles.
The benefits of strengthening these muscles include…
Daily peak performance (both physically and emotionally) 
Helping you shed weight 
Filling your mind, body, and spirit with the energy you need to kick the day’s ass!
Not Taking This Muscle Seriously Can Have Serious Implications!
Constant Lack of Energy
Have you ever wondered why you are lacking energy? Why you are struggling with basic movements? You could be doing THIS activity that tears up your hip flexors and damages your entire body…SITTING DOWN FOR TOO LONG…

This can ruin your body forever...

Other symptoms that can affect you:
Puffy Stomach Condition (AKA "Yes, you have a spare tire")
Do you work hard on your core but can’t seem to get your stomach to not stick out? Most people say this is due to weak ab muscles, but that doesn’t seem right since you’ve been working hard on your core and still don’t see results. Your stomach sticking out is most likely due to those weak hip flexor muscles.
Unable to Lose Fat?
A tight hip flexor muscle will signal to your body that you are at serious risk. When your body feels this, it releases constant adrenaline to the blood stream to try and reduce this danger. This ultimately overburdens your adrenal glands, compromises your natural immune defense, and shifts your body into fat storage mode...
In common terms...these are all bad things that make you gain weight....
"Why hasn’t my doctor ever recommended this information to me before?"
Diagnosing bad hip flexors is no small task...

The hip flexor muscles are extremely deep in your core, making it close to impossible to get to the root of the issue. 

It’s a much longer process to find that root problem.

And they don't make any money if they teach you the natural way to solve for this...
Why would your doctor or physician take the time to diagnose you properly when they can offer you a simpler explanation that is widely accepted and much more lucrative for them???

Now that you’re enlightened with this knowledge, you can begin working on fixing the core issue. 

Don’t think it’s too late! 

FlexorFix is the ultimate program to bring you happiness and wholeness!

After the first day of following this powerful guide, you will see an instant boost in power and energy.

Forget about feeling stiff and immobile…

This program is loaded with 10 powerful exercises, designed specifically for you.

For just a few bucks, you can start your journey to optimum health…
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The feeling you’ll get the moment you start this program will be UNREAL.

You’ll be upset you’ve never learned about unlocking this potential in your body before.

Strengthening those psoas muscles is going to unlock the potential your body has always had…

But this is no cake walk…

Getting these results I’m describing is not going to come easy.

You’re going to have to be consistent…

You’re going to have to be persistent…

You’re going to have to be resilient…

It’s going to hurt in the beginning, but if you can overcome that initial challenge, you will feel better than you ever have before!

Nothing this powerful comes easy!

If you can implement this guide into your daily routine, you will start on the path to optimum health!
What's In The FlexorFix Program?
  • Easy, concise guide on how to stretch those hard to reach muscle areas.
  •  Understanding of the MOST acute feature of your body posture that affects your mobility.
  •  Complete knowledge of your psoas and the influence it has on your well-being
  •  How to avoid the bad habits that are holding you back from weight loss, high energy, and ultimately, your optimum health
  • Dangers of your psoas muscle
  •  How to reverse the amount of sitting you are currently engaging in and why you need to change it!
  •  How core exercises could actually be doing you more HARM than good
  •  How to prevent over flexion of your hips
  •  Why just sitting less isn’t the only ingredient to increasing your overall health
  • Understanding the affects of stress and trauma and what they do to your body
  •  How to reverse the damage that is already done
  •  How to return your body to its NATURAL posture
  •  How to avoid “old-man butt syndrome”
  •  How to remove stress from your mind
  •  Plus, MUCH MORE…
“I am recently divorced, something that I never thought would happen to me. Especially because I had two beautiful children to take care of on my own. After about a year, I started going back to the gym, and went on a diet to try and look and feel better.

No matter what I tried, body wraps, special supplements, diet pills - nothing works! I just seemed tired all of the time.
Then I see Drew on Facebook, and he tells me that the problem is with the way I stretch out my hips. I bought his program and he is the best ever!

I took it all to heart and now my workouts and diet are making me skinny again! Thank you Drew!”

Priscilla M. - Phoenix, Az
“I retired a few years ago from the Import/Export business. I don’t know if it was the years I spent pushing pencils at a desk or not, but shortly after that last day at work I found myself pretty run down. 

I watched Drew’s program on TV one day and thought that he was somebody that cared about his job as much as I did. So I looked him up.

I came across his hip flexor program and thought that the was the answer to my problem. So I picked it up and followed through. 
I was right, not only did my energy level increase, so did my golf game. Thanks Drew, for making an old man feel young again.”

Earl J. - Sun City, Ca
“Drew used to be my personal trainer back in the day. It’s great to see a guy like him make such a success for himself. He was a great trainer- one time he literally blew my phone up for 30 minutes just to make sure I made it to the gym. To this day, I hear from him once or twice a year just to see how things are going.

Anyhow, back in the day Drew taught me about the hip flexors and how they affect every other part of your fitness. To this day, years later, I stretch out my hip flexors based on Drew’s advice. 
Take it from me, the guy knows what he’s talking about.”

Joe F. - Orlando, FL
Imagine Waking Up Every Day With High Energy, ZERO Stiffness, and a Mindset to WIN the Day…

This Can All Be Yours With The FlexorFix Program…
And If Not, I’ll Give You Your Money Back - GUARANTEED!
Don’t worry if you feel like you’ve been let down.

I felt the same way! It’s not too late to make the change.

Anybody can benefit from this program, no matter what level of health or activity you are at.

I KNOW you can benefit from FlexorFix, and that’s why I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee!

Follow FlexorFix for 60 days and if you aren’t pleased with the results, I will immediately give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.
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With FlexorFix you are empowering yourself with the knowledge and ability to attain your peak performance every single day.

Don’t ignore the dangers of poorly trained hips…

It’s mind-numbing for me to watch people work out the same way, hitting the same areas, and still get confused when they don’t see the results.

It’s all in the hips PEOPLE!

Now, all of this information is out there and you could try to compile that information yourself.

This is possible, but you must remember that the biggest part of any program is the structure of it.
I have spent years perfecting this structure… 

And now I’m giving it to you for less than the cost of a trip to Mcdonald's.

I’m not crazy, I’m just tired of seeing people get upset that their workout plan isn’t working.

Then they give up and never unlock their body’s full potential!
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This program is going to change your life.
Watch your strength increase and your fat decrease once you loosen up those tight hips. 

Even the quality of your sleep will improve!

Can you imagine waking up every single morning ready to attack the day?
  • Stop spending money for a therapist who doesn’t address the root causes of your pain
  •  Gain motivation to hit the gym
  •  Stop taking pills for pain that don’t attack the right area
Take your life back the healthy way!
Now It's On You!

I’ve empowered you with this information, but now what are you going to do with it?

You might me saying to yourself, “Thanks, now I can figure this out by myself.”

And you might be right…

But what’s going to happen when you run into the mounds of research you must go through to sequence the best program for yourself. 

Then, it might not even work and you're back at square one.

Maybe you’ll even get back on painkillers again and continue to diminish your body and health.

This deal will be gone once you realize you should’ve taken action!

Don’t be this person!

Follow the FlexorFix program and join the many people who are maximizing their mind, body, and wellness.

I’ve gotten countless amounts of emails from people using this system who are thrilled by their results.

They tell me how FlexorFix has finally allowed them to be satisfied with themselves when they look in the mirror.

They aren’t embarrassed by their past, and their excited for the future.

You can be excited, too.

Join me and thousands of others who are headed towards peak health and wellness.

I look forward to helping you on your journey!

Let’s do this,

Drew Manning

Creator of
New York Times Best Selling Author of Fit2Fat2Fit 
Certified Fitness Trainer
P.S. If you don’t receive the results you want in 60 DAYS, I will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked!
Buy The Fit2Fat2Fit FlexorFix Program NOW!
Buy The Fit2Fat2Fit FlexorFix Program NOW!